Sunday, February 21, 2010


Being winter i cant imagine i have ever walked without a sweater on my body,it was hard for me to adapt to the kind of dressing in heavy jackets and winter shoes as they are too big and not fancy.i have been told that a few years a go,Kristiansand was not receiving much snow as it was this year.
i really like snow being my first time to see and touch and feel it,
During winter i have realized that all Norwegians are in doors because its too cold, also all Norwegians are big as they put on heavy and worm clothings. skiing is one of the best winter games as Norwegian kids are said to be born with skies on their feet.
i really love skiing.the first time i went skiing,i thought it was easy as it was a matter of sliding on the skis,but un fortunately i fell down 30 times but i manged to at last..
i also tried ice skating,hoooooo!!!!its a good game balancing on those shoes.falling down is the worst as you bang your bat on ice,its pain ful i really felt it.if i was young, i would have cried teers.
it has been snowing for a long time,transport is hard as buses no longer come on time,cars get stark every day.
i remember recently i slept beyond midnight as a friends car got stack and we had to dig up snow for 3hrs,pulling it out was another burden and neighbors were not willing to help as they could not manage the coldness.i am glad we made it at last. some one commented"that is Norwegian winter."
i am looking forward to see it snow no more as i am longing for summer time.

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